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Live Entertainment

Over 30 years of experience in Arizona and a lifetime of devotion, Tia’s Royal Islanders presents a breathtaking performance that is the highlight of every Hawaiian luau or Island themed event.  

Tia's reputation is known throughout the valley for giving audiences an EXCITING Polynesian Revue with his beautiful hula dancers and awesome fire knife dancers which are sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Your event will come alive with the beat of the festive Polynesian Music as the background for our beautiful Hula Dancers.  The dancers take you on a journey of all the Islands, Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa, and New Zealand.  Tia has a beautiful voice and gift for being able to capture audiences and give an exciting performance.

Call Melekai 480.986.9315 to set up appointment  for a custom entertainment package that meets any budget and any size group.


CALL FOR MORE INFO 480.986.9315
Samoan Fire Dance
Samoan Fire Duo
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