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We take great pride in our Phoenix, Arizona catering services Always preparing great island dishes at an affordable price. Each catering comes complete with a serving table decorated with Hawaiian print linens, a beautiful tiki centerpiece, along with our own staff to serve your event Buffet Style.

Kalua Pork

Teriyaki Chicken

Steamed Rice

Hawaiian Coleslaw

Tropical Fruit Salad

Dinner Rolls

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Add a PIG to your event

Maybe a PIG ROAST is what you looking for, we can do that as well. If you only want a small suckling for decoration or a large pig to feed many guests we can provide. Pigs are sometimes the hit of any party.

At a large affair, we can do a PIG PRESENTATION, which is where we have 2 of our island boys bring the pig to the dinner site on a large decorated flat table. It gives the real island feel at the Hawaiian luau for your guests to enjoy

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